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Latest HD update May 2011


Freeview in Scotland

Darvel and Rosneath transmitters

11 May 2011

Argyll & Bute, Rosneath and parts of central Scotland have been engineered for the first stage of the digital switchover.

BBC Two Analogue was closed at the Darvel and Rosneath transmitters serving the Central Scottish region.

Switchover allows 50,000 viewers in digital blackspots such as Port Ellen, Campbeltown, Girvan and Bowmore to get Freeview for the first time.

A retune of TVs and boxes is required in order to regain missing BBC TV channels.

The switchover will be completed on 25 May, when the remaining analogue channels will be switched off. Further Freeview channels from STV, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 will be available from local transmitters.

Source OFCOM May 2011

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Fancy a Quick Fact?

European TV has two flavours of High Definition TV:

1080 lines, 25 frames per second, where each frame is split into two interwoven fields, giving 50 overlapping fields per second.

This is the standard for Freeview in the UK


720 lines, 50 frames per second

Transmission Standards for Freeview HD

HD on Freeview will use MPEG4 and DVB-T2. These new standards, only recently developed allow a multiplex to carry about four HD channels.

Source OFCOM April 2009


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